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Thanksgiving 2013
is on thursday November 28, 2013

before we see the turkey on the family feast table

What to do ? Where to go ? How to travel on thanksgiving, the searchbar below can help u with these questions.

Thanksgiving or Thanksgivingday is one of the major holidays celebrated in the United States. This weekend where most schools,colleges, business- and governmentworkers have paid holiday on thanksgivingday and the day after Black Friday is also one of the bussiest travel periods of the year, when familys and friends gather together for a great feast meal where turkey is one of the head ingredients. Thanksgiving in the United States - falls every year between the 22th and 28th of november, on de 4 Thursday of November. Only when thanksgiving is on the 22th or 23th of november, it is the penultimate thursday of november.

Thanksgiving 2014 is November 27, 2014
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